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Ch21. 拆招CMF設計談CMF界的新衣 —— 紋理設計

CMF is a specific discipline within industrial design that focuses on the development of a product’s color, material, and finish. Unwrap CMF writes about little stories of CMF Design for those who are interested in learning more about this niche field. Comments and inspirations are welcome!

There is another common responsibility within CMF Design, and that is pattern design.

Pattern isn’t always created by CMF Designers, sometimes by Industrial Designers, and sometimes the neighboring Graphic Design team comes to rescue? In many cases, precise patterns are required to be designed by professional technicians from the supplier, such as UV optical pattern on the back of a mobile phone, also referred as UVPP films. (中文請見下方)

If pattern isn’t always designed by CMF Designers, why is it often included within the scope of CMF?

Firstly, regardless of the type of pattern, it will eventually be realized on the actual product, and that step of transforming into production is mandatory. For example, in-mold pattern, IMD (in-mold decoration), water-transfer, printing – these and many more are common manufacturing processes of pattern when converted into mass-production.

As shared in Chapter 4, the same marble pattern can be realized by multiple processes: real marble material, printed pattern, or via paint mixing. Each process represents a different production cost, technical feasibility, and perceived quality.

Secondly, between product generations, if a company wants to quickly introduce a new CMF SKU, such as a spec upgrade or for promotional events such as Mother’s Day, pattern becomes a quick and easy turn-a-round solution. It often does not require new tooling which is time-consuming and costly.

Though I’m not sure if consumers actually perceive pattern as a new product, but PM’s seem to be quite confident about it so let’s just say it is a product rebirth with a whole new pattern! ?

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CMF為Color Material and Finishing,譯為色彩、材質、及表面處理工藝,屬於 工業設計 旗下重要的一環。Unwrap CMF( 彩材拆拆 )將圍繞著這個主題,以淺而易懂的小故事拆解 CMF設計師 的日常。

CMF設計裡面,還有一項常見的範疇,就是產品表面 紋理 的設計(又稱 圖騰紋路 ,英譯 pattern )。

紋理的設計不一定由CMF設計師操刀,有時候由工業設計師,有時候隔壁畫平面的同事會臨時被抓來幫忙(咦?)。更有許多時候,精密的紋理需要供應商的專業技術人員來計算排列(比如手機背蓋上的 膜片光學紋理 )。總而言之,雖然紋理不一定由CMF設計師負責,為什麼會被含括在CMF範疇裡呢?

第一,無論是任何一種紋理,如果要轉換到產品上,勢必免不了工藝實現這個關鍵步驟。比如 模內紋理 、IMD等 模內裝飾技術 、膜片光學紋理、 水轉印印刷 等,都是紋理設計轉換成量產時常見的工藝技術。


其次,在產品迭代週期之間,如果品牌需要快速推出新增的 CMF款式 (CMF SKU),比如說內置小升級的版本,或者是為了母親節等促銷活動推出的款式。這時候,ID造型的調整需要重新 開模 或者修改模具,不但耗時也高成本。因此,許多品牌會通過紋理的靈活調整,即可成為快速而低成本的新增CMF款式。

我不確定消費者會不會因為換個紋理就認為是新品,但PM們似乎對此相當有自信,所以就讓我們拭目以待每個新紋理帶來的產品新生吧 ?

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On large appliance such as refrigerators, especially on mid-to-low-tier materials, patterns help to make the surface seem less dull.
On large appliance such as refrigerators, especially on mid-to-low-tier materials, patterns help to make the surface seem less dull.
In-mold pattern can be formed at the time of plastic injection.
Smaller in-mold patterns can be directly applied to the mold through the well-developed laser engraving process.

Comments and inspirations are welcome!
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