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Ch19. 拆招CMF設計談用CMF情緒板講故事

CMF is a specific discipline within industrial design that focuses on the development of a product’s color, material, and finish. Unwrap CMF shares bite-sized stories of CMF Design to inform and inspire those interested in this niche yet fascinating field, with digestible contents for anyone and everyone. Comments and inspirations are welcome!

As the name suggests, CMF moodboard is used to express the “mood” of color and materials. It is also a powerful tool in presenting design proposals. How so? ?

At project kick-off when design is just drafted, a moodboard helps industrial designer to understand the effect that CMF designer has in mind. Meanwhile, for non-design colleagues or decision makers, it also helps them to visualize. (中文請見下方)

To put it simple, when images are carefully chosen and arranged, a moodboard does the storytelling for you.

If we describe “red” verbally, it could be a fiery fire red or a delightful coral red. Even more specifically, a saturated fire red presents an expressive mood of outbreaking passion, but if the brightness and saturation are reduced, an orange-ish darker “fire red” delivers an entirely different passion in forbearance.

Lost with words? That is why CMF moodboard is a powerful visual supplement. Via the use of images to quickly present the concept of CMF, and make up to wherever indescribable with text.

CMF moodboard can be in different forms: in digital or with physical samples; of a single color for product proposal, or a range of colors for annual trend palette; it can contain visual elements such as images, color swatches, or material samples, as well as rationale such as keywords, trend intro, or consumer insights. Therefore, the first step of preparation is: Why is it needed? What is it for?

A physical moodboard would be more convenient at a in-person design workshop. A digital version can be easily sent via email, and added with supportive text to help non-design colleagues to understand the rationale behind the proposal.

More tips will be shared in the future. If you are eager to try, search for “CMF moodboard” on Google or Pinterest to find a bunch of great examples and start practicing! ?

CMF為Color Material and Finishing,屬於工業設計旗下專注於產品色彩、材質、及表面處理工藝的關鍵一環。Unwrap CMF彩材拆拆圍繞著這個主題,以淺而易懂的小故事拆解CMF設計的日常。歡迎留言分享!

正如其名, CMF情緒板(CMF moodboard)被用來表達色彩及材質的「情感氛圍」,也被作為很重要的 提案工具








CMF情緒板的排版和選圖影響其質感,未來還會再分享更多訣竅。如果你已經躍躍欲試,可以先用GooglePinterest搜索「CMF moodboard」關鍵字,即可找到豐富的案例,以此作為參考開始動手練習囉?

In addition to the choice of color, the presented materials should also deliver an echoing mood to the color.
Depends on its usage, a moodboard can present a single color for product proposal, or a range of colors for annual trend palette, for example.
Via images of different colors and materials, a variety of moods can be presented even with the most basic PowerPoint software.
同樣配色,運用不同圖片呈現的「漸變」及「幻彩」兩種不同的CMF工藝效果 —— 前者是A色到B色的變化,後者是藉由光影反射出不同的折射色彩,兩者的差異很難用渲圖呈現,這時就凸顯了CMF情緒板的作用。
Of the same colors, “gradient” and “iridescence” CMF effects can be differentiated by the choice of different images – one is the transition from one color to another, the latter is colors reflected via lighting. The difference can hardly be rendered. That’s when CMF moodboards becomes a power tool in distinguishing the two.

Enjoy learning? Use the CMF terminologies mentioned above and continue on with your own research journey on the web. Comments and inspirations are welcome!
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