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Ch17. 拆招CMF設計談材料驅動設計

CMF is a specific discipline within industrial design that focuses on the development of a product’s color, material, and finish. Unwrap CMF shares bite-sized stories of CMF Design to inform and inspire those interested in this niche yet fascinating field, with digestible contents for anyone and everyone. Comments and inspirations are welcome!

When speaking of CMF design, many people would focus on the first letter, which is color. When I first stepped into the field, I also thought that CMF should start with color: after deciding on the color, the next step is to explore the applicable materials and processes. However, a speech in 2013 inspired a reverse direction of design thinking, and that is “Material-Driven Design”. (中文請見下方)

I was lucky to join a speech by Ms. Grace Boicel in 2013 at a Shanghai design conference, who was leading the CMD team at Nokia (short for Colour & Material Design).

As Grace shared, Nokia used double-shot injection on the latest Asha 500 series, playing with the contrast between solid and transparent plastic to present the layering look and feel.

“The transparent material of polycarbonate is very strong but has the great ability for internal transmission of light, nearly the same capacity as glass. This means it is a great material to make colours vivid and strong since colour always is dependent on light. It is critical to select the right material and finish because that has a huge impact on the colour. This is why you can’t look at a colour in isolation of the material and finish.”

– Grace Boicel, Creative Director at Boicel Design.

Later, the design team introduced edge-glow semi-transparent plastic, which comes with fluorescent glowing around the sharp edges. To bring out the full potential of edge-glow plastic, double-shot injection was used with a neon palette for the portfolio. This is what Grace refers to as “Material-Driven Design”, starting from the edge-glow material, and then dive into form factor, manufacturing process, and the choice of colors.

This design thinking has further expanded my CMF vision. I was also fortunate enough to join Nokia in 2014 and work closely with many talented designers.

Lastly, carbon fiber is another example of material-driven design: because of its strength and light-weighted material properties, it is widely used in various industries, especially the ones with critical demands in lightweight. Ultimately, the pattern of carbon fiber became a visual element, where carbon-fiber-like patterns started to appear in the market, on top of its root in material-driven initiative.

CMF為Color Material and Finishing,屬於工業設計旗下專注於產品色彩、材質、及表面處理工藝的關鍵一環。Unwrap CMF彩材拆拆圍繞著這個主題,以淺而易懂的小故事拆解CMF設計的日常。歡迎留言分享!

談到CMF設計,許多人會把重點聚焦於第一個字母,也就是色彩(color)。當我一開始踏入這個領域時,也曾認為CMF理應先從色彩開始:決定好顏色之後,下一步再研究可以將之實現的材料和工藝。然而,一場2013的講座啟發了另一種反向出發的設計思維 —— 材料驅動設計(material-driven design)。

在一次2013年末的上海設計講座,很幸遇的聆聽了彼時帶領諾基亞CMF設計團隊的Grace Boicel女士的演講(諾基亞稱之為CMD團隊,Colour & Material Design的縮寫)。

Grace分享道:諾基亞曾在Asha 500系列上運用雙料注塑工藝(double-shot injection,亦稱雙色注塑),利用實色和透明素材的差異呈現光影與色彩交織的通透質感。


– Grace Boicel, Creative Director at Boicel Design.




標註SAMSUNG的邊緣發光色板,並非來自於三星手機的設計團隊,而是來自於早年的三星材料(Samsung Material),後被樂天(Lotte)併購。是的,手機巨頭三星也有自己的材料產業唷!
Nokia once used double-injection process with fluorescent colors to bring out the edge-glow features of the material.
照片拍攝當時任職於OMUUS設計公司的Grace Boicel女士於2019年再次於深圳分享CMF。
Grace Boicel, as the Creative Director at OMUUS design agency, gave speech again in Shenzhen in 2019 to share about CMF Design.
Carbon fiber is another example of material-driven design, started with its characteristic of being strong and light-weighted. 

Enjoy learning? Use the CMF terminologies mentioned above and continue on with your own research journey on the web. Comments and inspirations are welcome!
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