We have observed CMF Designers coming from a diverse range of academic background, mainly in Industrial Design (also known as Product Design), some in Material Engineering, Fashion, and more. However, there are very few degree programs dedicated to CMF Design. That is the reason of having the below list of educational resources for CMF Design, including independently-held certificate courses or degree programs, but excluding credit courses within a broader major such as industrial design and etc.

Please note that this list does not contain any ranking or recommendation. Each academic provider may be focusing on various aspects within CMF Design. That means, before registering or applying to any of these courses, please take time to visit their websites and work on further researches to decide if these are suitable for your need.

If you are specifically looking for color training, here is a great list by Color Matters. And if you are looking to add CMF as a muscle but not planning on specialized in CMF Design, then check out Industrial Design programs around the world – there are many top design schools that offer Industrial Design with embedded courses for CMF!

Please feel free to comment and recommend any missing school in the list!

CMF設計師來自於多元的學術背景,其中以 工業設計 學系為主(亦稱為 產品設計 ),另外還有 材料工程時尚 等學系。然而專屬於CMF設計的學位課程卻非常稀少,因此整理了下方的CMF設計教育資源清單,包括 證照學位課程 ,但不包括其他學系內嵌的CMF學分課程。

此清單不附帶排名或評價;各個學術單位可能會提供CMF領域中不同的主題。 因此,在註冊或申請任何課程之前,請花時間訪問學校網站並進行更深入的研究,以確定這些課程符合您的需求。

如果您想尋找色彩方面的培訓,這裡有Color Matters整理的清單。如果您不打算專精於CMF設計,但希望能學習CMF作為額外的技能 —— 全球有許多頂尖設計學院的工業設計科系都附有CMF課程,可以上網查詢各學校的課程簡章。


Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology ??
School of Materials Design & Engineering Go
Beijing, China
???????? | ???????

College for Creative Studies (CCS) ??
Color & Materials Design MFA Program Go
Detroit, U.S.A.
?????? | ???????

HAWK University of Applied Sciences and Arts ??
Colour Design Go
Hildesheim, Germany
???????? | ???????

LCI Barcelona ??
Postgraduate in Coolhunting and Trends Research Go
Barcelona, Spain
?????? | ???????

London School of Design and Marketing (LSDM) ??
Trend Forecasting & Analytics Course Go
London, United Kingdom
??????????? | ???????

Loschi Design ?
CMF Design Online Course Go
??????????? | ??????? | ?????????

Tainan National University of the Arts ??
Material Arts & Design Go
Tainan, Taiwan
???????? | ???????

The Future Laboratory ?
Trends and Foresight Masterclass Series Go

University of the Arts London (UAL) ??
Material Futures M.A. Program Go
Introduction to CMF Online Short Course Go
London, United Kingdom
?????? & ??????????? | ???????

Ch6. 拆招CMF談CMF教育資源

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Ch6. Unwrapping CMF on CMF Educational Resources

Photo credit: Instagram @ ccsgrad_cmd (Color and Materials Design at CCS).
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  1. “In my case I learned CMF some years ago the hard way learning by doing at my job (but thanks to my design school teacher at that time for pointing me some useful information). Thus to fill in all possible knowledge gaps & complement a bit my profile I took the UAL CMF course. I really liked it and the lecturer is a really nice and a great communicator :)”

    – Experience sharing by Noemí Cortizas Martínez

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