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Ch9. 拆招CMF設計談沒有錢錢也要全力以赴

CMF is a specific discipline within industrial design that focuses on the development of a product’s color, material, and finish. Unwrap CMF shares bite-sized stories of CMF Design to inform and inspire those interested in this niche yet fascinating field, with digestible contents for anyone and everyone. Comments and inspirations are welcome!

CMF treatment is the basic principal of a product quality. The pursue of details is also the self-recognition of being a CMF Designer.

Upon the diverse scope of responsibilities, CMF Designers also need to follow-up throughout manufacturing trials, which is the step of converting 2D computer-generated rendering into 3D reality. Meanwhile, its duty is not simply manufacturing follow-up, but also includes the attention to CMF details. (中文請見下方)

Why can IKEA bring price-competitive products that also has a winning quality? Both Industrial Design form factor and treatment of CMF details contribute to the fact.

At any budget, we should always try our best to bring out the highest possible perceived quality.

A work by Professor Hanyu Lin at Kaohsiung Normal University has inspired me to write this post. It is a very simple plastic funnel with every detail being nicely polished. Indeed, this is the spirit of CMF, as well as the respect for one’s own work.

As an industrial material, plastic has become a popular choice because of its price and ease of production. But because it is a man-made material without the essence of natural materials, the flaws on a plastic product is especially obvious. For example, VDI texture, flow mark, parting line, overflow – all of these are tiny little details that can determine the perceived quality.

I had to be super picky to be able to find some tutorial examples from IKEA. But overall, many of these are sold under $10. Within this limited budget, many CMF details are achieved at its highest potential – that happens only if we put all-in efforts.

Next time when you visit IKEA or other stores and see a nice-looking product, try to also look at how its CMF details are treated: what have they done with these details to be perceived above ordinary?

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Ch37. Unwrapping CMF Design on Higher Price, Higher Quality?

CMF為Color Material and Finishing,屬於工業設計旗下專注於產品色彩、材質、及表面處理工藝的關鍵一環。Unwrap CMF彩材拆拆圍繞著這個主題,以淺而易懂的小故事拆解CMF設計的日常。歡迎留言分享!







我硬是雞蛋裡挑骨頭,終於在宜家陳列的廚房單品中找了一些科普案例。但整體而言,這些都不過是幾十塊的產品(以前在手機行業,留給外觀的CMF預算也不過如此),在有限的預算內, CMF細節並未被鬆散交差。全力以赴之後,就算還是有不完美之處,也至少不留遺憾。


Ch37. 拆招CMF設計談貴就一定好?

High perceived quality via hidden parting line and VDI texture through thoughtful collaboration between designer and tooling factory (work by Professor Hanyu Lin).
Overflow of injection can drop the product quality by a level.
In some cases, see-through plastic can be cheap-looking.
Different choice of colors and VDI textures can produce varying look and feel of the same product (see LÄTTBAKAD to compare).

Enjoy learning? Use the CMF terminologies mentioned above and continue on with your own research journey on the web. Comments and inspirations are welcome!
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Problem-solving ??? ?????. Former head of CMF at Motorola. A New York-based and world-traveling Design Consultant with over 13 years of specialty in CMF Design. 高雄囡仔,前摩托羅拉CMF設計團隊負責人,目前定居於紐約並遊牧世界,任自由撰稿人兼CMF設計顧問,持續投入在CMF設計的科普推廣,並為WGSN及羅技等公司提供CMF專案支持或諮詢服務。

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