I recently had the wonderful opportunity to participate in CMG’s 2024 ChromaZone+ event in Cleveland. For those unfamiliar, CMG stands for “Color Marketing Group,” a volunteer-operated association for all designers who find passion in colors.

In a field as niche as CMF, connecting with like-minded people can sometimes feel like searching in the sea, especially offline in person. The experience at CMG’s event went above and beyond my expectations. I’m super excited to share my trip to CMG’s event, especially with those seeking their own supportive communities!

Having returned to the U.S. after an eight-year absence, I found myself in search of a sense of belonging. Fortunately, I became part of the IDSA NYC community for like-minded industrial designers, and now, at CMG, I’ve found my tribe where everyone shares a passion for colors.

The CMG event in Cleveland was a color forecasting workshop, something I’ve facilitated numerous times in the past, so I wasn’t nervous about that. However, knowing absolutely NO ONE beforehand did make me a bit tense. Yet, upon arrival, I was warmly welcomed by every person I met. Some of these new friends have been part of CMG not long after it started in 1962, and it’s just beyond what word can describe to be hanging with a group of friends who speak the same language!

After workshop cocktail time

It’s a color forecasting workshop after all, which can be unfamiliar for newcomers, but CMG’s decades of experience and well-organized structure ensure that even newcomers can immerse themselves in the process of color forecasting. And, of course, the friendliness of the community definitely makes it worry-free.

One aspect I appreciate about CMG is its volunteer-driven nature and the emphasis on community involvement. Participants are divided into smaller groups, typically 2 to 4 people, ensuring that even the shyest person has a chance to speak. There are also opportunities to exchange ideas at larger-group discussions. Ultimately, all insights are shared to the CMG committee and become part of the 2026+ trend forecast announcement in August. It’s truly an effort that fosters a sense of ownership and belonging for everyone involved.

Now, without further ado, let me share with you some snapshots from the workshop. I will definitely be attending CMG’s future online and offline events. If you’re passionate about CMF Design, particularly in colors, this might just be the right community for you (and me)!

Let’s get started!
CMG uses NCS as their color system
My lovely team with Susan Steinicke and Kristen Gear
Larger group discussion to exchange progress and thoughts
Our larger group is facilitated by Mercedes Landázuri who is taking photo of me taking photo of her
Our group was just one of the many – there is a volunteer facilitator for every group to track progress and inspire discussions
All the proposals are shared with the committee, which will be reviewed and announced in August as a community effort
Learning about colors (and fun facts!) from Melissa Williams
Learning about color forecasting timeline from Daniel LaDuc by Colour Hive
The weather in Cleveland didn’t want us to go!
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