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Ch7. 拆招CMF設計談跨產業的源源機會

CMF is a specific discipline within industrial design that focuses on the development of a product’s color, material, and finish. Unwrap CMF shares bite-sized stories of CMF Design to inform and inspire those interested in this niche yet fascinating field, with digestible contents for anyone and everyone. Comments and inspirations are welcome!

As a niche profession, does that mean there are fewer job openings for CMF designers? Frankly, yes.

But looking at the picture from a different angle, due to the shortage of CMF talents, hiring managers often have to also consider designers from outside of the industry. (中文請見下方)

Second, because Color Trend evolves year to year, manufacturing processes advance time to time, whenever a designer enters a new CMF role, it is necessary to absorb all of these new knowledges anyways. That is, a designer’s matureness and flexibility to adapt quickly become more critical than previous experience in the exact same industry. For these reasons considered, it comes naturally for CMF designers to be open to cross-industry opportunities ?

So what are the industry opportunities for CMF designers?

In the consumer electronic industry, there are products such as computers, mobile phones (and accessories), cameras, speakers; in the home appliance industries, there are televisions, kitchen and bathroom appliances; in the emerging industries, there are also drones, e-cigarettes, robots, smart fitness equipments, IoT, and the list goes on.

In addition, material companies have also been recruiting CMF designers in recent years.

Although named differently, there are also similar roles in other industries with similar function interacting with colors and materials, such as Color and Trim Designer in transportation industry, Color Designer in shoe industry, and even FF&E Designer in interior design industry.

Though small to medium-sized companies rarely open positions to hire CMF designers, but basically wherever Industrial Design is demanded, there is a potential need for CMF design.

Let’s wrap up here for now. There will be another chapter to talk about how to make a career decision among these vastly different industries ?

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CMF為Color Material and Finishing,屬於工業設計旗下專注於產品色彩、材質、及表面處理工藝的關鍵一環。Unwrap CMF彩材拆拆圍繞著這個主題,以淺而易懂的小故事拆解CMF設計的日常。歡迎留言分享!



再來色彩趨勢年年有演變、工藝材料時時有創新,在設計師進入一份新的CMF工作時,無論如何都需要快速吸收新知,相比之下,招聘時更考驗設計師的應變能力,而過往產業經歷僅作為加分項而非必要條件。綜述以上原因, CMF設計師天生就更具備跨產業的工作機會?



除此之外,原材料廠如塑膠粒子、油漆廠等,在近年來也有招聘CMF設計師的趨勢。.剛剛尚未提及的交通工具產業,如汽機車、電動車、自行車等,也有名為Color & Trim Designer(譯為色彩及裝飾設計師)的相關職位,而運動鞋類則有Color Designer,甚至連室內設計也有FF&E Designer(全稱Furniture, Fixture, and Equipment)。雖然各有不同的稱呼,但都是日常與色彩、材質互動的設計師。




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In the interior design industry, similar to CMF Designers, FF&E Designers also frequently interact with colors and materials.
The most commonly heard CMF Design opportunities are perhaps from the consumer electronic and home appliance industries.
In transportation industry, CMF is needed from interior to exterior.
The design of color and material is heavily weighted also in the shoe industry.

Enjoy learning? Use the CMF terminologies mentioned above and continue on with your own research journey on the web. Comments and inspirations are welcome!
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