It all started with a side collaboration earlier this year. Since then, I began to explore sustainable materials from around the world, interviewed sustainability practitioners, and completed the “Sustainable Investing” course at Harvard Business School Online. However, these few months of exploration can never compare to the dedication of the great minds before us who have paved the way over the years.

Though as a newcomer to sustainability, just like CMF is to me, sustainability is also a never ending journey filled with unlimited possibilities. At last, to share my insights with all of you, I’ve decided to approach it from the combined perspectives of CMF, Sustainability, and Design Thinking, hoping to challenge the stereotypical view of sustainability. CMF goes beyond colors, just as sustainable design extends beyond the application of eco-friendly materials.

I feel honored to have the opportunities to share about sustainable CMF during my trip to Taiwan this year. Here, I am documenting one of them which is a full-day workshop.

A heartfelt appreciation goes to the great minds before me that have left us to spread the seeds to the soil of the world. Special thanks to MSI Gaming and Tainan University of Technology for the invitation to speak, and gratitude to everyone who have participated in the full-day workshop in Kaohsiung. That wraps up 2023, and let’s keep this momentum going in 2024!

緣自今年開始的永續小合作,開始探索世界各地的永續材質、訪談各位永續實踐者、進修Harvard Business School Online的永續投資課程… 論永續,我頂多只算初心者,短短幾個月的衝刺根本比不上前輩們幾年的耕耘。

永續非我專業,就像CMF對於我而言,永續也是一條持之永恆的學習道路並具有無限可能。 最終,我決定以「CMF x 永續 x 設計思考」的角度切入,分享的是永續思考的觀念,希望有帶動大家用不同的角度重新思考過去固化的永續印象,承如CMF不只是色彩搭配,永續設計也不只是永續材質的應用。


謝謝一路上啟發和傳授知識的前者,謝謝 MSI Gaming 和台南科技應用大學的講座邀請,也謝謝來參與全日工作坊的大家,CMF永續設計思考工作坊完成!✅

This is where the workshop happens in Taiwan, a restored mid-century house and now a co-share co-care space for artists and creators. Visit Sogood Bridge to find out more.
Each pair is provided with a physical product sample, which will be used during the workshop as a practice.
A few of the sustainable materials shared during the workshop.
Each person is paired with a peer to discuss the current CMF on an existing products, and freely brainstorm if there is any other opportunity to make it more sustainable than it currently is.
For this practice, we don’t consider brand strategy and let students freely design in colors of their choice.
Sustainable CMF isn’t just about the choice of eco-friendly materials. With more insights shared to students, now they are also challenged to think about how the choice of manufacturing processes can help to eliminate production waste and so on.
Muji was a difficult choice to optimize as they are doing quite well already with sustainable design.
Student work. Each person shares their simulated CMF Spec and explain why they decided to use certain colors and material processes.
Student work. Some students also share where they got their inspirations from.
Student work.
Student work.
And that wraps up the entire workshop! Thank you all for coming!
Problem-solving ??? ?????. Former head of CMF at Motorola. A New York-based and world-traveling Design Consultant with over 13 years of specialty in CMF Design. 高雄囡仔,前摩托羅拉CMF設計團隊負責人,目前定居於紐約並遊牧世界,任自由撰稿人兼CMF設計顧問,持續投入在CMF設計的科普推廣,並為WGSN及羅技等公司提供CMF專案支持或諮詢服務。

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