Motorola’s design team introduced the stunning Motorola One Zoom in three amazing colors: Cosmic Purple, Brushed Bronze, and Electric Gray. This achievement, coupled with various other innovations, earned the Motorola Design Team the prestigious 2020 iF award.

Consumer Research

Historically, the color purple has often been a polarizing choice in the mobile phone industry. As part of our CMD Design development, we designed a specific shade of purple that we believed could appeal to a broader demographic. To validate our design confidence, we took it to test, and brought all three color choices to the test in Brazil, which represents the largest market for the Motorola brand.

While our assumption was correct about Cosmic Purple being polarizing – it was also targeting a very different segment! Where Brushed Bronze and Electric Gray did not perform well (young females and/or high-end phone users), Cosmic Purple was receiving very good feedback. And there, voilà! We have the color with a firm purpose, and it is functioned to attract additional consumers.

Image credit: CNET


Electric Gray, image credit Mashable
Electric Gray, image credit: Ubergizmo
Electric Gray, image credit: Phone Arena
Cosmic Purple, image credit: Ubergizmo
Cosmic Purple, image credit: Pocket-lint
Brushed Bronze, image credit: Xadaka
Brushed Bronze, image credit: Phone Arena

Deliverable: From concept to launch
Industry: Consumer tech
Company: Motorola (a Lenovo company)
Team: Rina Shin, Shasha Dong, Justin Liang, Yong Li
Year: 2019

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